About Us

We're the Arjom Design Tech, composed by a team of Architecture and Engineering Technologists committed to translate our client`s design needs into quality visual presentations on any construction projects.

Jomar L. Briones - CEO & Founder


Jomar is an architect, designer, builder, 3D modeller, graphic artist, web developer and an entrepreneur. He studied B.S. in Architecture at Mapua Institute of Technology, Intramuros, Manila in 1994 and started his career as a working student. Beginning in 1995, his work experiences includes 5 years in scale model building, 6 years as manual draftsman, 3 years assistant teacher in an international school, more than 15 years in CAD drafting, about 13 years in 3D image rendering, practiced 7 years of professional architecture and construction project management in the Philippines, and 7 years in graphic arts, web development and business management. Most of these experiences were done simultaneously.

In 2010, he immigrated to Canada to find more opportunity. Here he started to work with G.M. Contracting Inc., a commercial contracting company as a project coordinator building mall store interiors. In 2011 He worked as 3D graphics and architectural designer in construction for Nygard International, one of the leading fashion brands in Canada, US and in other large countries in the world. Here he got more involved in planning and designing projects like office interiors, retail stores and other corporate properties including some portions of the New York World Headquarters, Toronto and Los Angeles Service Centers, and also Arts-2 and Inkster offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Now, Jomar is aiming to continue learning, upgrading and extending with his own business in providing architectural and engineering CAD services to potential clients, project owners, contractors, developers worldwide.